My dog rescued me

My dog rescued me
You hear and read so many stories about dogs being rescued from horrific abuse and it makes me so angry and sad when I know what an incredible difference they can make to someone’s life. I think they can rescue us just as well as we can rescue them.
Like many of us, I have found life difficult at times. I have always enjoyed walking and found it helpful to be out and about as much as I could. I thought that getting a dog to be a companion on my walks would be very helpful for me. I wanted a Jack Russell as we had them when I was growing up. We got Millie when she was eight weeks old who was unwanted due to her being so small, not enough money to make out of her they said.

We think she is so beautiful. Millie was an anxious dog when we got her. She was unhappy on her own when I was at work so we decided to get a companion for her, which is why we got Rosie. Rosie is a very lively, active, loving and happy dog. She is very close to Millie – they don’t like being apart! – and very loyal and affectionate to me. Because of my shift work I spend quite a bit more time with them and love the time I do spend with them.

Millie and Rosie give me purpose. They love me unconditionally, they make no demands of me (other than walks and food!), they are fiercely loyal and protective of me, each other and even the bit of beach we happen to sit down on! They don’t criticise me, have any unrealistic expectations of me and are always there with such unconditional love and loyalty that I have never experienced before. I know they won’t let me down or make me feel uptight or question what I am doing. Maybe I can be over overprotective with them and sometimes treat them like they are my own kids but I know they had a crap start in life and I know how that feels, I just want to make sure that they feel secure, protected and loved.
Taking them out is a very important part of my day. I know that they need the exercise and as their owner I take my responsibilities very seriously. It is also very important for me as it means that I get out and socialise. I have met some really nice people, a few of them have become good friends. If it wasn’t for the dogs I would stay at home, watching rubbish on TV or playing on the computer. This would make me bored and moody and would only make me worse. Getting the dogs out stops that from happening. Some of the people I have met have been in situations with their problems similar to mine and it is so helpful for me to talk to those people and know that they can empathise with what I am going through.