Dogs in Polaroid

Dogs in Polaroid

My wife brought me a polaroid camera for Christmas and I love it, not had one of these since the 80’s. But I did forget how much light is needed to get a good result, so here are a few of the girls taken in the winter on low light days.

Now waiting for the summer months, but here a few tips on getting that polaroid shot of your dogs.

Spring is here and I’m still learning with light and not to rush it. And one big tip is to make sure you store that picture somewhere nice and dark once you have taken that shot.

A few tips on getting a better polaroid photo of your dogs

Avoid subjects too small in the frame

Don’t stand too far away

Use natural light where possible

Experimentation is the answer, but just keep that flash on at all times.

The more light in your shot. the better your photo will turn out. Instant Polaroid film loves light, especially natural light.

Always keep the sun behind you or on your side.


A blank, white or light-coloured background is best


Think before you take your shot as film is very expensive