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Hi! My name is Barry Stewart,
I’m a Dog photographer.

My name is Barry Stewart and my aim is to show your pets in their favourite places, outdoors running and playing or indoors relaxing. Please feel free to browse through my portfolio to see some of the photographs I have captured of beloved pets. I take photographs both indoors and outdoors, which allows your pet the option of being in the environment and surroundings in which they feel most comfortable.

It also allows you the option of having pictures of your pet in all sorts of poses! Before taking any photographs, I will spend time at your chosen location with you and your dog, so that they get used to me being nearby and help them to relax and be comfortable. All dogs are different and this time will give me the opportunity to see how your dog interacts and what they really like to do, such as jumping, chasing, and playing with a toy.

During the photography session itself, I will aim to capture many images of your dog and the surroundings, which I will then edit to produce stunning photographs for you to choose from. They will be available for you to view as an online gallery, from which you can make a selection of images to print as many times as you like and on whatever medium you choose.

I am also the very proud owner of two Jack Russell terriers, Millie and Rosie who are both rescue dogs and have brought so much fun and joy into my life that they inspired me to change my hobby of photography from landscape to dogs. They are so individual, different and so much fun that I quickly found that the best pictures I got were of them playing and acting naturally.

My Skillset

I just don’t do dog photography, I also do cat and horse photography



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Landscape Photography

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